Stop using laborious spreadsheets to manage and forecast cash flow

Connect your banks accounts in real-time. Automate cash reporting. Predict your future cash position. Run cash flow forecasts to make better decisions.

Cash flow is essential for your business. But managing your cash flow on spreadsheets is time-consuming and painful. 🥵

RocketChart streamlines and automates the whole process! Save time, master your costs, forecast cash flow and simplify financial reporting. 🔥

Manage your cash flow in real time.

Connect your banks accounts to aggregate expenses and revenue instantly. View your consolidated cash flow and details by bank account. Keep an eye on your runway.

Control your spending habits. Optimize your costs.

Define your own categories and sub-categories. Automatically categorize your transactions using our algorithm. Identify large expense items to optimize your budgets.Create your own categories and sub-categories. Keep pace with evolving recurring costs to know when you break-even.

Predict your future cash position.

Make your cash flow projections and capture your financial situation in the next months. Systematically compare forecast / reality gap to adjust your projections. Facilitate your financing requests with accurate reporting.

Make the right decisions. Identify business opportunities.

Simulate your decisions, visualize the financial impact and make the right strategic choice. Create different predictive scenarios according to your assumptions: loans, recruitments, late payments, investments.

Supercharge your cash flow management and make better decisions now!

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“I was trying to get a precise picture of my business’ cash flow, costs and revenue. I needed a tool to automatically get instant insights of my financial situation, knowing where my money goes, and how long I will survive until I run out of cash.”

Tom BenattarCo-Founder - PixelMe

“Because we lacked the right tool, it was super hard to track the situation of our P&L at a given time - it took me forever to grasp insights on a spreadsheet or I had to ask my accountant and wait for his reports.”

Benjamin CahenFounder - Wisepops

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Supercharge your cash flow management and make better decisions now!

15 days free trial
RocketChart is a cash flow management and forecast software. Track expenses and revenue in real-time from your bank account. Generate precise cash flow, cost and profit profiles automatically. Predict your cash position. Run financial forecast scenarios to make better decisions.
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